PEAR   Go-PEAR Installer
Version 1.1.7a2 

Welcome to Go-PEAR


The following PEAR packages will be installed. You can select some optional
packages to be installed by go-pear too:

(required)PEAR corePEAR Base System
(required)PEAR_Frontend_Web-betaWebbased PEAR Installer
PEAR_Frontend_Gtk2Graphical PEAR installer based on PHP-Gtk2
MDB2database abstraction layer.


Below is a suggested file layout for your new PEAR installation.

1. Installation prefix ($prefix)
2. Temporary files directory
3. Binaries directory
4. PHP code directory ($php_dir)
5. Documentation base directory
6. Data base directory
7. Tests base directory
8. PEAR Installer cache directory
9. Cache TimeToLive
10. Filename of WebFrontend
11. php.exe path, optional (CLI command tools)


  • HTTP proxy (host:port) :

  • Compatibility-Mode for old non-DOM Browsers

Note: Installation might take some time, because go-pear has to
download all needed files from Just be patient and wait for
the next page to load.